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I began my career with hair in 1982 as a cosmetologist of which 16 years were spent as a salon owner in south Tulsa.  It is because of my background in cosmetology  that I became motivated to learn about hair loss.  I received training in the application of hair replacement and the study of hair loss and scalp diseases.  As a clinical trichologist, I offer a complete service of products, laser, and PRP treatments to grow hair; a multi-therapeutic approach that works synergistically.
I am committed to continued education in trichology to provide the best services and products for my clients. I want to help in obtaining the best decision regarding their goals and expectations for hair health and regrowth. I want to see results, this has become my passion. It is very rewarding to help people with hair loss and to be part of the restoration.
Looking forward to helping you with any of your concerns with hair.
Kellie August
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